From the recording So This Guy Walks Into A Bar

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How long do I hold onto things that make me blue
How long do I sit and cry every time I think of you
I take you from the mantelpiece in your frame of antique gold
And lay you in your bed each night as the fire's growin' cold

If heaven wants an old man I'll run to you so fast
I ain't afraid of dying, tired of living in the past

I pretend you’re here with me, it don't do no harm
I dance you 'round this kitchen floor, ghostlike in my arms
I might hold a bottle too when it helps to ease the pain
And end up on my knees again calling out your name

If heaven wants an old man...

I don't give a damn about what happens in this town
I don't ask for nothin' and folks don't come around
They shy away and don't cross paths if they think you've lost your mind
Well, them that never had true love might as well be blind

If heaven wants an old man...