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  1. Road Rage

From the recording So This Guy Walks Into A Bar

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Look at us standing in the roadway
Faced off like two angry dogs
And I’m thinking that there’s no way
We don’t get to use our claws
But, you and me, we have no history
At least not till today
And you don’t figure in my future
Can’t we just walk away

I know about a man’s pride
I also know about the fall
But I’m not sure how you back away
When your back’s against a wall
I’ve got meetings up in Baltimore
And I’ve got tickets to a show
And there’s a woman who does love me
And I want to get home

Now someone is to blame here
And someone’s looking for a fight
And I’m really thinking this time
It’s not so important to be right
So I’m getting back in my car
And I hope you’ll do the same
I’m driving up to Baltimore
Whispering my woman’s name