From the recording So This Guy Walks Into A Bar

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On the long haul up from Baltimore
She said, “I ain’t listening to that”
Robert Earl Keen was in my stereo
She said, “Really that hillbilly crap?”
Out popped my autographed CD
And in went the latest rap
Her pretty head rocked back and forth
While Robert Earl rattled on the dash

Like a dee-jay in those hip hop tracks
We scratched a groove up the Jersey coast
I was jonesin’ for country radio
It was a melody I missed most
On the bridge just west of Mystic
My ears finally melted down
Her CDs flew like Frisbees
Into the Mystic without a sound

Rode silent through Rhode Island
Disconnected in Connecticut
Called it quits in Massachusetts
Said some things I‘m sure I’ll regret
I stopped my truck on 95
To explain in the shoulder lane
"Darlin’ right now I prefer
To miss you all the way to Maine"

I blew a kiss and waved goodbye
To the mirror as I pulled away
She only used one finger
To say what she had to say
There must have been a tiny voice
That said, go back and get that girl
But damned if I could hear it
Over good ol’ Robert Earl

Rode silent through Rhode Island…