From the recording So This Guy Walks Into A Bar

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Baby, let’s get stinkin’ sober
I want to see you touch your nose
I wanna hear you say the alphabet
While you walk backwards heel to toe
I wanna hear you say you love me
When this tequila buzz is gone
It’s not that I don’t hear you now
But you’ve been drinking all night long

She said, c’mon let’s have another round
In a sweet little sexy voice
Burped out loud and slammed her shot glass down
Then she yelled out her drink of choice
This was not her first tequila
She was drinking like it’s free
She said, “Honey do some catching up
You got to keep me company”

Baby, let’s get stinkin’ sober…

She pressed me up against my pick up truck
She kissed my lips without a sound
Then she fell over like a bowling pin
And with a crunch she hit the ground
She said, “I’ve fallen for you darling”
I said, “I feel the same way dear
I just swept you right off your feet
Why else would you be lying here?”

Baby, let’s get stinkin’ sober…