From the recording So This Guy Walks Into A Bar

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This beach runs for miles
I’ve been stuck here a while
You’re the first treasure hunter I’ve seen
Sit down and talk
It might save you a walk
Put down your detector machine
You see I’m short handed
My mate left me stranded
You might think I’m unsound
But like a pirate of old
I buried my gold
For someone like you to come round

I buried my treasure
Right under your toes
Turn south by southeast
On a compass rose
Take forty-three paces
By my reckoning
Dig a hole in the sand
You’ll find two wedding rings

Love was a smooth ride
Rode in on a flood tide
Never once touching the ground
We promised forever
In tropical weather
Feeling warm, safe and sound
But the big seas were building
A cold wind it filled in
We were only built for a dream
How we behaved
In the face of those waves
Worked us apart at the seams

I buried my treasure…