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  1. Wide Awake Again

From the recording So This Guy Walks Into A Bar

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I don’t have to wait for day to break this news to me
‘Cause I can feel the empty space where your warmth used to be
With this cold wake up call every morning begins
I’m wide-awake, again

And the dream of you I have most every night
Is really all you left for me, but it fades in daylight
I pray for a late sunrise so I can hold you till then
But in the end, I’m wide-awake again

Days lurch by, they stumble, they stagger, and sway
All my sharply drawn lines are now just streaks of gray

Don’t we move toward the light when things come to an end?
But I wish for an endless night a dream my only friend
I drift off in my darkened room and you take hold of my hand
But in the end, I’m wide-awake again