From the recording So This Guy Walks Into A Bar

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So this guy walks into a bar
Like that old joke we all know
But he ain’t looking for no laughs
‘Cause he’s never felt this low
He says, “What do ya call a fool who knows
He’s got nothing left to lose?
Boys, I’m a country song
But I feel like the blues”

“I’m a couple of verses of pure heartache
I’m a chorus with a tear-jerking hook
When that bridge kicks in, here comes that crying steel guitar
And I know she’s gone for good
My sweet little angel used to hum this tune
But I never had a clue
That I’d be a country song
Now I feel like the blues”

Well I know there are
Lots of Nashville stars
Who can write me a brand new song
One to tell her how much I miss her
One to tell her I was wrong

Last call he needs beers and quarters
To share with his new best friend
He’s got his arm around a pretty little jukebox, saying
“Play that George Jones again
George, you can roll with a desperate soul
‘Cause you’ve walked in these same shoes
George, I’m a country song
But I feel like the blues”